We can supply all the materials required to build your own DIY verandah or carport

Hirib roofing sheets (able to span approx 3.5mts with 760mm coverage): zinc $18.50/mtr colour $23.50/mtr
Trim dek and Corro sheets (able to span approx 1.2mtrs): zinc $9.50/mtr colour $13.20/mtr
Fascia/115 D Guttering: zinc $8.91/mtr colour $10.40/mtr
Gutter stop ends: zinc $9.90/pair colour $11.90/pair. Gutter brackets $2.25 ech
Square Barge capping: zinc $8.91/mtr colour $16.50/mtr
350 Rolled Top Ridge (for gable roofing): zinc $8.91/mt colour $16.50/mtr
Zinc flashings are kept in 3.0 metre lengths they are priced as follows
50x50:$15.19, 75x75:$16.07, 100x100:$16.88, 150x150:$20.25
Downpipe pops ALL priced at $7.45 each (75&90mm round, 100x50 and 75x50)
Joiner plates to suit 150mm & 200mm C-Section $4.00 each
Angle plates to suit 150mm & 200mm C-Section $6.50each
Galv/Colour 12x50 Roofzips with neos $20.00 per 100
Galv/Colour 10x16 Teks with or without neos $9.00 per 100